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Get beyond siloed berth planning & alignment to a seamless and transparent communication and coordination with all stakeholders in real-time


It's like sailing blind

In the maritime industry, the communication around port calls seems to be stuck in the 1990s: the stakeholders involved try to keep themselves and others up-to-date by sending emails in a break bulk mentality with myriad formats and sizes. Or have countless phone calls on a single port call.


On a global scale, uncoordinated port calls and inefficient communication between vessel operators, terminals and port communities result in


of additional costs


92 Mt

of unnecessary
GHG emissions

We are committed to working with industry leaders to address these challenges and improve efficiency and sustainability in the maritime supply chain.


heyport saves 14% GHG emissions through just-in-time arrivals via a simple, intelligent & integrated communication
— as a scalable network across multiple ports

Align on berthing windows easily

Reduce the back and forth in port call coordination by 30%

With our one-stop shop approach, operational decision-makers always have the relevant planning data at their fingertips. Within a port community. Across multiple ports.

Real-time updates on vessel schedules

Access to 100+ carriers and automatic schedule sync are a kick-start for your planning routine

Focus on what matters instead of spending your time to copy & paste schedule updates manually. Combined with satellite-based vessel positions, heyport informs you proactively in case of a possible delay. 24/7. Without any shift surcharge.

Central communication

Always have everyone up to date, with zero effort

heyport is a collaborative approach with real-time insights into port call and berth planning. Its central communication channels ensure a single truth of planning data for all stakeholders involved.

Working with the best clients and partners


"We use heyport to communicate our berth planning both internally and with customers in real-time. And from day one, the integration with the Hamburg Port Community System was fully operational."

Michael Harth, Operations Manager at Unikai, Hamburg

Meet the Team

Our team has port call coordination in its DNA


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