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The heyport story

With heyport, you get years of operational experience in central vessel coordination and operating own terminals in Hamburg and Europe out of the box. A truly customer-focused solution, developed from practice for practice.

We believe in a new way of port call coordination: smartly connected with a focus on holistic optimisation and the overall goal to reduce energy and CO2 emissions significantly.  

Ultra-complex operational interactions, disconnected planning tools and ‘break-bulk' emails lead to inefficiencies and significant redundant costs in coordinating port calls.  


So our answer is: a lean coordination process, smooth UI and ready to go within minutes. Let's get started!

Based on the principles of collaborative port call coordination, we have developed heyport as a standardised product for any type of terminal and vessel. To connect local port communities with global networks.


The founding team has port call coordination in its DNA: 

Jan is co-founder and responsible for the product and customer care. His operational excellence in the area of port call planning, based on 14+ years of coordinating trucks, trains and vessels in the port ecosystem, is the perfect prerequisite to transform our customers' needs into an innovative solution. 

Bastiaan is co-founder and responsible for tech and finance. His 8+ years of experience in developing digital business models is a key success factor in providing the right technical backbone enabling our clients to get the most out for their operations. 

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